Tailor-Made Holidays

Here at Australian Sky, we understand that whilst you’ll take inspiration from our website for your perfect holiday to Australia, we may not offer something that exactly fits your requirements. This is when we can offer our tailor-made service to you to create your trip of a lifetime.

Whether this will be your first time exploring Australia, or you’re returning and looking for new experiences, our passionate and knowledgeable sales team will be happy to put together an itinerary that suits your taste and requirements. No matter your budget, the team will ensure you get the perfect holiday for you, whether it’s by recommending experiences and destinations to incorporate into one of our existing tours, or building something for you from scratch.


We have strong relationships with all of the key airlines that fly to Australia, so we are happy to make recommendations as to which ones to travel with. We also have suggestions for fantastic stop-overs, and will help you decided whether to upgrade some or all of your flights along the way.


Given the length of the journey and the time difference in Australia, many people decide to stopover on the way. Our most popular stopover destination is Singapore, but we also have brilliant options in Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong, to name a few. Each stop has a varied selection of hotels for you to stay in, so you can enjoy these great cities whilst breaking up the long journey to Australia. Please see our great selection of stopover destinations link to the stopover page. This is not an exhaustive list, so if there are other places you’re interested in, please let our Sales Team know.

Whether you fancy tweaking one of our tours and making it your own, or creating your own exclusive itinerary – we’re happy to help. We have an excellent selection of properties across Australia, from cool city hotels and first-class resorts, to gorgeous luxury island retreats, and all of these can be added together to make an new, independent itinerary, or simply added to an existing self-drive or tour. As for the stopovers, should you be interested in staying in a hotel or resort that does not feature on our website, it is highly probable we can offer you this too.


We offer many Australian holidays, which can easily be amended to your requirements. All of the self-drive itineraries on our website are just a snapshot of what we can offer you – fancy a longer stay in Melbourne, or omitting the stay in Brisbane? We can get that sorted for you. Likewise, if you like the route of a self-drive but prefer upgrading your hotels along the way, this can be done too. As the self-drive itineraries are all independent, you can even pick and choose the departure day which suits you best.


The escorted tours are a little more restricted as these are group tours (either large or small) which follow a set itinerary and depart on specific dates throughout the year. It is possible to add extra nights at the start or the end of the tours, but not normally in the middle. There is the opportunity, of course, to use these tours as the main part of your holiday, but enhance them by adding a hotel at the start, a mini-tour at the end and perhaps a fabulous stopover destination on your flight out to or back from Australia.


Whether it’s a simple change to one our trips or a bespoke itinerary suited to your exact tastes and requirements, our dedicated travel experts will be happy to put together your ideal holiday for you!

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